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Argonauts-IT Ltd is a Software Engineering company founded in Silicon Fen (Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom) in 2011. Argonauts-IT Ltd's core business is the supply of methods and tools with a high content of human and artificial intelligence, which is required to develop pieces of software in areas such as finance, bioinformatics, games, robotics, aeronautics, etc., where business rules have a high level of complexity. In such cases, Argonauts-IT Ltd can provide support to develop the right heuristics or algorithm by applying artificial intelligence (e.g., classification, pattern matching). Argonauts-IT Ltd can also help to minimize the risks and the costs of high reliability software developments. This is made possible by using properly adjusted test coverage, and manual or formal verifications.

The Team

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Didier Willame, director

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Didier Willame graduated in Mathematics from UMH (Belgium). He is a software engineer with more than 15-years of experience in a wide range of industries (air traffic control, telecommunications, railway transportation, networks, 3D gesture recognition, finance, medicine and e-government). He is also a lecturer at ESI (Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique, Belgium) where he teaches mathematics, statistics and computer science. Moreover, Didier leads all operations at Argonauts-IT Ltd. Finally, his centers of interest include formal proofs of computer source code.