This page informs you about our projects put on the track.

phase construction, cycle 1Logic engine

This project will provide software developers using imperative languages like Ada, C, C++, Python or Java, the ability to write pieces of code designed with the logic approach in mind.

phase inception, cycle 1Decision engine

This project will provide software developers an API to write piece of code using algorithms such as preference theory, possibility theory, or voting theory.

phase construction, cycle 4agitWeb

This project will provide lightweight page server. It will be an alternative to usual web servers like Apache for static HTML pages. Written in Ada and using the Ada Web Server (AWS) library, it will offer more security, better responsiveness and more stability.

phase construction, cycle 1agitEvent

This project will provide a system facilitating events like a museum, an art gallery, or a shop visits. It should bring to enjoy a great experience and keep a pleasant memory of the visit.

phase inception, cycle 1ppm suite

This project will provide modular applications helping people to manage their projects from a problem-solving perspective. They will facilitate rational decisions, planning and follow up activities. (The blog How to Get a Better Organization? supports this project.)

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